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Number of Publications: 11
Kraus, Helen Tyler

Turk, R. P., Kraus, H. T., Hunt, W. F., Carmen, N. B., & Bilderback, T. E. (2017). Nutrient sequestration by vegetation in bioretention cells receiving high nutrient loads. Journal of Environmental Engineering (New York, N.Y.), 143(2).

Blecken, G. T., Hunt, W. F., Al-Rubaei, A. M., Viklander, M., & Lord, W. G. (2017). Stormwater control measure (SCM)) maintenance considerations to ensure designed functionality. Urban Water Journal, 14(3), 278-290.

Shropshire, T., Li, Y. Z., & He, R. Y. (2016). Storm impact on sea surface temperature and chlorophyll a in the gulf of mexico and sargasso sea based on daily cloud-free satellite data reconstructions. Geophysical Research Letters, 43(23), 12199-12207.

Turk, R. L., Kraus, H. T., Bilderback, T. E., Hunt, W. F., & Fonteno, W. C. (2014). Rain garden filter bed substrates affect stormwater nutrient remediation. HortScience, 49(5), 645-652.

Paparozzi, E. T., Williams, K. A., Geneve, R., Hatterman-Valenti, H., Haynes, C., Kraus, H., McKenney, C., & Pitts, J. (2011). Development of the AG*IDEA Alliance's horticulture graduate certificates program and Inter-institutional course share. HortTechnology, 21(6), 688-691.

Kraus, H. T., Warren, S. L., Bjorkquist, G. J., Lowder, A. W., Tchir, C. M., & Walton, K. N. (2011). Nitrogen:phosphorus:potassium ratios affect production of two herbaceous perennials. HortScience, 46(5), 776-783.

Kraus, H. T., Warren, S. L., & Anderson, C. E. (2002). Nitrogen form affects growth, mineral nutrient content, and root anatomy of Cotoneaster and Rudbeckia. HortScience, 37(1), 126-129.

Warren, S. L., Bilderback, T. E., & Kraus, H. H. (2001). Method of fertilizer application affects nutrient losses of controlled-release fertilizer.

Conference Papers
Kraus, H., Pledger, R., Riley, E., Fonteno, W. C., Jackson, B. E., Bilderback, T., & Arboretum, J. C. R. (2014). Defining rain garden filter bed substrates based on saturated hydraulic conductivity. In International symposium on growing media and soilless cultivation. (Acta Horticulturae, 1034) (pp. 57-64).

Riley, E. D., Kraus, H. T., & Bilderback, T. E. (2014). Physical properties of varying rain garden filter bed substrates affect saturated hydraulic conductivity ?. In Proceedings of the international plant propagator's society - 2013. (Acta Horticulturae, 1055) (pp. 485-489).

Bilderback, T. E., Riley, E. D., Jackson, B. E., Kraus, H. T., Fonteno, W. C., Owen, J. S., Altland, J., & Fain, G. B. (2013). Strategies for developing sustainable substrates in nursery crop production. In International symposium on growing media, composting and substrate analysis. (Acta Horticulturae, 1013) (pp. 43-56).

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