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Number of Publications: 15
Johnson, Melissa A.

Johnson, M. A., & Cester, X. (2015). Communicating Catalan culture in a global society. Public Relations Review, 41(5), 809-815.

Johnson, M. A., & Carneiro, L. (2014). Communicating visual identities on ethnic museum websites. Visual Communication, 13(3), 357-372.

Searson, E. M., & Johnson, M. A. (2010). Transparency laws and interactive public relations: An analysis of Latin American government Web sites. Public Relations Review, 36(2), 120-126.

Johnson, M. A., Davis, J. L., & Cronin, S. (2009). Mexican expatriates vote? Framing and agenda setting in US news coverage about Mexico. Mass Communication and Society, 12(1), 4-25.

Johnson, M. A. (2005). Five decades of Mexican public relations in the United States: From propaganda to strategic counsel. Public Relations Review, 31(1), 20-Nov.

David, P., Morrison, G., Johnson, M. A., & Ross, F. (2002). Body image, race, and fashion models - Social distance and social identification in third-person effects. Communication Research, 29(3), 270-294.

Johnson, M. A. (2002). Watchdog journalism in South America. Journal of Communication, 52(2), 467-469.

Johnson, M. A. (1999). Pre-television stereotypes: Mexicans in newsreels, 1919-1932. Critical Studies in Mass Communication, 16(4), 417-435.

Johnson, M. A., Gotthoffer, A. R., & Lauffer, K. A. (1999). The sexual and reproductive health content of African American and Latino magazines. Howard Journal of Communications, 10(3), 169-187.

David, P., & Johnson, M. A. (1998). The role of self in third-person effects about body image. Journal of Communication, 48(4), 37-58.

Johnson, M. A. (1997). Predicting news flow from Mexico. Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly, 74(2), 315-330.

Johnson, M. A. (1997). Public relations and new technologies: Practitioner perspectives. Journal of Public Relations Research, 9(3), 213-236.

Johnson, M. A. (1998). Sexual health content of Latino magazines. Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation.

Johnson, M. A. (1998). A study of sexual health coverage in Latino magazines, 1997-1998 = Estudio sobre la cobertura de temas de salud sexual en revistas Latinos, 1997-98. Menlo Park, CA: Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation.

Conference Papers
Johnson, M. A. (1998). Background. In What's the diagnosis?: A study of sexual health coverage in Latino magazines, 1997-1998. Menlo Park, CA: Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation.

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