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Number of Publications: 26
Delborne, Jason Aaron

Delborne, J., Kuzma, J., Gould, F., Frow, E., Leitschuh, C., & Sudweeks, J. (2018). 'Mapping research and governance needs for gene drives' INTRODUCTION. Journal of Responsible Innovation, 5, S4-S12.

Kuzma, J., Gould, F., Brown, Z., Collins, J., Delborne, J., Frow, E., Esvelt, K., Guston, D., Leitschuh, C., Oye, K., & Stauffer, S. (2018). A roadmap for gene drives: Using institutional analysis and development to frame research needs and governance in a systems context. Journal of Responsible Innovation, 5, S13-S39.

Adelman, Z., Akbari, O., Bauer, J., Bier, E., Bloss, C., Carter, S. R., Callender, C., Denis, A. C. S., Cowhey, P., Dass, B., Delborne, J., Devereaux, M., Ellsworth, P., Friedman, R. M., Gantz, V., Gibson, C., Hay, B. A., Hoddle, M., & James, A. A. (2017). Rules of the road for insect gene drive research and testing. Nature Biotechnology, 35(8), 716-718.

Kaebnick, G. E., Heitman, E., Collins, J. P., Delborne, J. A., Landis, W. G., Sawyer, K., Taneyhill, L. A., & Winickoff, D. E. (2016). Precaution and governance of emerging technologies. Science, 354(6313), 710-711.

Anderson, A. A., Delborne, J. A., & Kleinman D. L. (2013). Information beyond the Forum: Motivations, strategies, and impacts of citizen participants seeking information during a consensus conference. Public understanding of science (Bristol, England : Online), 22, 955-970.

Delborne, J., Schneider, J., Bal, R., Cozzens, S., & Worthington, R. (2013). Policy pathways, policy networks, and citizen deliberation: Disseminating the results of World Wide Views on Global Warming in the USA. Science and Public Policy, 40(3), 378-392.

Powell, M., Delborne, J. A., & Colin M. (2011). Beyond engagement exercises: Exploring the U.S. National Citizens? Technology Forum from the bottom-up. Journal of Public Deliberation (Online), 7(1).

Delborne, J. A. (2011). Constructing audiences in scientific controversy. Social Epistemology, 25(1), 67-95.

Kleinman, D. L., Delborne, J. A., & Anderson, A. A. (2011). Engaging citizens: The high cost of citizen participation in high technology. Public Understanding of Science (Bristol, England), 20(2), 221-240.

Powell, M., Colin, M., Kleinman, D. L., Delborne, J., & Anderson, A. (2011). Imagining ordinary citizens? Conceptualized and actual participants for deliberations on emerging technologies. Science as Culture, 20(1), 37-70.

Delborne, J. A., Anderson, A. A., Kleinman, D. L., Colin, M., & Powell, M. (2011). Virtual deliberation? Prospects and challenges for integrating the Internet in consensus conferences. Public Understanding of Science (Bristol, England), 20(3), 367-384.

Kleinman, D. L., Delborne, J. A., & Robin Autry. (2008). Beyond the precautionary principle in progressive politics: Toward the social regulation of genetically modified organisms. Tailoring Biotechnologies, 4(1/2), 41-54.

Delborne, J. A. (2008). Transgenes and transgressions: Scientific dissent as heterogeneous practice. Social Studies of Science, 38(4), 509-541.

Kleinman, D. L., Delborne, J. A., Cloud-Hansen, K., & Handelsman, J. (2010). Controversies in Science and Technology, Volume 3: From Evolution to Energy. New Rochelle, NY: Mary Ann Liebert.

Delborne, J. (2014). Navigating controversies in search of neutrality: Analyzing efforts by public think tanks to inform climate change policy. In Culture, politics and climate change: how information shapes our common future. New York: Routledge.

Wigner, A. & Delborne, J. (2013). Pickens, T. Boone. In Morris A. Pierce (Ed.), Encyclopedia of energy. (pp. 1015-17). Ipswich, Massachusetts: Salem Press.

Delborne, J. A., & Schneider J. (2012). Moving forward with citizen deliberation: Lessons and inspiration from the National Citizens' Technology Forum. In Susanna Hornig Priest (Ed.), Nanotechnology and the public : risk perception and risk communication. Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press.

Schneider, J., & Delborne, J. A. (2012). Seeking the spotlight: World wide views and the U.S. media context. In M. Rask, R. Worthington, & M. Lammi (Eds.), Citizen participation in global environmental governance. New Yor : Earthscan.

Delborne, J. A. & Galusky, W. (2011). Toxic transformations: Constructing audiences for environmental justice. In G. Ottinger, & B. Cohen (Eds.), Technoscience and environmental justice : expert cultures in a grassroots movement. Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press.

Delborne, J. A. (2010). Biofuels: streams and themes. In D. Kleinman, J. Delborne, K. Cloud-Hansen, & J. Handelsman (Eds.), Controversies in science and technology, Volume 3: from evolution to energy. New Rochelle, NY: Mary Ann Liebert.

Delborne, J. & Kinchy, A. J. (2008). Genetically Modified Organisms. In Sal Restivo and Peter H. Denton (Eds.), Battleground: Science and Technology. (pp. 182-95). Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press.

Worthy, K. A.,Strohman, R. C., Billings, P. R., Delborne, J. A., Duarte-Trattner, E., Gove, N., Latham, D. R., & Manahan, Carol M. (2005). Agricultural Biotechnology Science Compromised. In Daniel Lee Kleinman, Abby J. Kinchy, & Jo Handelsman (Eds.), Controversies in Science and Technology: From Maize to Menopause. (pp. 135-49). Madison, Wis. : University of Wisconsin Press.

Conference Papers
Ikard, S., Delborne, J. A., & Brunsdale, K. (2012). Dammed If you do, dammed if you don't: Tensions between ensuring dam safety and maximizing Colorado?s water supply. (Annual Conference of the Association of State Dam Safety Officials, ).

Lucena, J., Delborne, J., Johnson, K., Leydens, J., Munakata-Marr, J., & Schneider, J. (2012). Integration of climate change in the analysis and design of engineered systems: Barriers and opportunities for engineering education. (Proceedings of the ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition, 2011, vol 5, ) (pp. 199-206).

Delborne, J. (2012). Strategies of neutrality between political and scientific controversy: Comparing efforts by U.S. public think tanks to inform debates on climate change policy. (International Conference on Culture, Politics, and Climate Change, ).

Parekh, M., Stone, K., & Delborne, J. A. (2010). Coordinating intelligent and continuous performance monitoring with dam and levee safety management policy. (Annual Conference of the Association of State Dam Safety Officials, ).

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