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Number of Publications: 3
Wang, Ling

Staley, B. F., de los Reyes, F. L., Wang, L., & Barlaz, M. A. (2018). Microbial ecological succession during municipal solid waste decomposition. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, 102(13), 5731-5740.

de los Reyes, F. L., Weaver, J. E., & Wang, L. (2015). A methodological framework for linking bioreactor function to microbial communities and environmental conditions. Current Opinion in Biotechnology, 33, 112-118.

Wang, L., Aziz, T. N., & de los Reyes, F. L. (2013). Determining the limits of anaerobic co-digestion of thickened waste activated sludge with grease interceptor waste. Water Research, 47(11), 3835-3844.

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