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Number of Publications: 11
Wiley, Stephen B. Crofts

Packer, J., & Wiley, S. B. C. (2012). Strategies for materializing communication. Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies, 9(1), 107-113.

Wiley, S. B. C. (2010). Assembling social space. Communication Review, 13(4), 340-372.

Wiley, S. B. C., & Packer, J. (2010). Rethinking communication after the mobilities turn. Communication Review, 13(4), 263-268.

Wiley, S. B. C. (2006). Assembled agency: media and hegemony in the Chilean transition to civilian rule. Media, Culture & Society, 28(5), 671+.

Wiley, S. B. C. (2006). Transnation: Globalization and the reorganization of Chilean television in the early 1990s. Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media, 50(3), 400-420.

Wiley, S. (2006). The boundless self: Communication in physical and virtual spaces. Social & Cultural Geography, 7(4), 669-671.

Wiley, S. B. C. (2005). Spatial materialism - Grossberg's deleuzean cultural studies. Cultural Studies (London, England), 19(1), 63-99.

Wiley, S. B. C. (2004). Rethinking nationality in the context of globalization. Communication Theory, 14(1), 78-96.

(2012). Communication matters: materialist approaches to media, mobility, and networks. New York: Routledge.

(2011). Communication matters : materialist approaches to media, mobility and networks. New York : Routledge.

Wiley, S. B. C. (2003). Nation as transnational assemblage: Three moments in Chilean media history. In Jennifer Daryl Slack (Ed.), Animations (of Deleuze and Guattari). New York : P. Lang,.

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