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Number of Publications: 15
Bradley, Lucy

Bradley, L. K., Bauske, E. M., Bewick, T. A., Clark, J. R., Durham, R. E., Langellotto, G., Meyer, M. H., Pooler, M., & Dorn, S. (2016). Developing a national strategic plan for consumer horticulture. HortTechnology, 26(4), 372-378.

Bauske, E. M., Bachman, G. R., Bewick, T., Bradley, L., Close, D., Durham, R., & Meyer, M. H. (2015). The case for a national strategic plan for consumer horticulture research, education, and extension. HortTechnology, 25(4), 477-479.

Marshall, S., Orr, D., Bradley, L., & Moorman, C. (2015). A review of organic lawn care practices and policies in North America and the implications of lawn plant diversity and insect pest management. HortTechnology, 25(4), 437-446.

Bauske, E. M., Bachman, G. R., Bradley, L., Jeannette, K., O'Connor, A. S., & Bennett, P. J. (2014). Consumer horticulture outreach: Communication challenges and solutions. HortTechnology, 24(3), 266-269.

Bradley, L., Driscoll, E, & Bardon, R. E. (2012). Removing the tension from extension. Journal of Extension, 50(2).

Bauske, E. M., Kelly, L., Smith, K., Bradley, L. K., Davis, T., & Bennett, P. (2011). Increasing effectiveness of Cooperative Extension?s Master Gardener volunteers. HortTechnology, 21, 150-154.

Bauske, E. M., Kelly, L., Smith, K., Bradley, L., Davis, T., & Bennett, P. (2011). Increasing effectiveness of cooperative extension's master gardener volunteers. HortTechnology, 21(2), 150-154.

Bradley, L. K., Baldwin, K., Jakes, S., Jayaratne, K. S. U., Neill, K., Driscoll, E. A., & Beth, D. (2010). Integrated extension programs in community gardening. Acta Horticulturae, 881, 67-71.

Bradley, L.K., & Bauske, E. (2010). Sustainable urban, residential, gardening and landscaping: training agents to mobilize master gardener volunteers. Acta Horticulturae, 881, 201-206.

Bradley, L. K., Cook, C., & Neill, K. (2010). Web-based tool for managing master gardener programs. Acta Horticulturae, 881, 829-832.

Jayaratne, K. S. U., Bradley, L. K. & Driscoll, E. A. (2009). Impact evaluation of integrated Extension programs: lessons learned from the community gardening program. Journal of Extension, 47(3).

LeBude, A, Lindsay, P., Spafford, A., Bradley, L. K., Wallace, M., & Ruth, C. (2009). Improving the landscape design skills of North Carolina citizens. Journal of Extension, 47(6).

Bradley, L. K., Stutz, J., & Towill, L. (2009). Plant biology: from classroom to internet. Journal of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Education, 38, 82-86.

Bradley, L. K. & Stutz J. (1998). A web site for urban horticulture: meeting increasing demands with decreasing resources. HortTechnology, 8(2), 242.

Bradley, L. K. (1995). Tierra Buena: Creating an urban wildlife habitat in an elementary school in the inner city. Children?s Environments: Theory, Research, Policy and Applications, 12(2), 245-249.

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