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Number of Publications: 26
Viniotis, Yannis

Baron, B., Spathis, P., Rivano, H., de Amorim, M. D., Viniotis, Y., & Ammar, M. H. (2017). Centrally controlled mass data offloading using vehicular traffic. IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management, 14(2), 401-415.

Baron, B., Campista, M., Spathis, P., Costa, L. H. M. K., de Amorim, M. D., Duarte, O. C. M. B., Pujolle, G., & Viniotis, Y. (2016). Virtualizing vehicular node resources: Feasibility study of virtual machine migration. Vehicular Communications, 4, 39-46.

Wang, T., Krim, H., & Viniotis, Y. (2014). Analysis and control of beliefs in social networks. IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, 62(21), 5552-5564.

Jarma, Y., Boloor, K., de Amorim, M. D., Viniotis, Y., & Callaway, R. D. (2013). Dynamic service contract enforcement in service-oriented networks. IEEE Transactions on Services Computing, 6(1), 130-142.

Wang, T., Krim, H., & Viniotis, Y. (2013). A Generalized markov graph model: Application to social network analysis. IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Signal Processing, 7(2), 318-332.

Al-Zubaidy, H., Lambadaris, I., & Viniotis, Y. (2012). Optimal scheduling in multi-server queues with random connectivity and retransmissions. Computer Communications, 35(13), 1626-1638.

De Amorim, M. D., Ziviani, A., Viniotis, Y., & Tassiulas, L. (2008). Practical aspects of mobility in wireless self-organizing networks. IEEE Wireless Communications, 15(6), 6-7.

De Amorim, M. D., Benbadis, F., Fdida, S., Sichitiu, M. L., & Viniotis, Y. (2006). Dissecting the routing architecture of self-organizing networks. IEEE Wireless Communications, 13(6), 98-104.

Oothongsap, P., Viniotis, Y., & Vouk, M. (2006). Theoretical analysis of the SABUL congestion control algorithm. Telecommunication Systems, 31(2-3), 115-139.

Viana, A. C., De Amorim, M. D., Viniotis, Y., Fdida, S., & De Rezende, J. F. (2006). Twins: A dual addressing space representation for self-organizing networks. IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, 17(12), 1468-1481.

Luh, H. P., & Viniotis, I. (2002). Threshold control policies for heterogeneous server systems. Mathematical Methods of Operations Research, 55(1), 121-142.

Sharma, S., & Viniotis, Y. (1999). Convergence of a dynamic policy for buffer management in shared buffer ATM switches. Performance Evaluation, 36-7(1999 Aug.), 249-266.

Sharma, S., & Viniotis, Y. (1999). Optimal buffer management policies for shared-buffer ATM switches. IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, 7(4), 575-587.

Balakrishnan, M., Puliafito, A., Trivedi, K., & Viniotis, I. (1997). Buffer losses vs. Deadline violations for ABR traffic in an ATM switch: a computational approach. Telecommunication Systems, 7(1-3), 105-123.

Salama, H. F., Reeves, D. S., & Viniotis, I. Y. (1997). Evaluation of multicast routing algorithms for real-time communication on high-speed networks. IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, 15(3), 332-345.

Rajala, S. A., Vouk, M. A., Nilsson, A. A., Miller, T. K., Schrag, R. L., Burke, J. R., Brawner, C. E., Viniotis, I., & Perros, H. G. (1997). Technology for support of network-based education workflows in North Carolina: NC State-Fujitsu education partnership final report for the period June 1, 1996-December 31, 1996. TR (Center for Advanced Computing and Communication), (3).

Viniotis, Y. (1998). Probability and random processes for electrical engineers. Boston, MA: WCB/McGraw-Hill.

Ridoux, J., Fladenmuller, A., Viniotis, Y., & Salamatian, K. (2005). Trellis-based virtual regular addressing structures in self-organized networks. In R. Boutaba ... et al. (Eds.), Networking 2005: Networking technologies, services, and protocols: Performance of computer and communication networks: Mobile and wireless communication systems: 4th International IFIP-TC6 Networking Conference, Waterloo, Canada, May 2-6, 2005: Proceedings (Lecture notes in computer science; 3462). (Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 3462) (pp. 511-522). Berlin; New York: Springer.

Oothongsap, P., Viniotis, Y., & Vouk, M. (2004). Experimental analysis of the SABUL congestion control algorithm. In N. Mitrou ... et al. (Eds.), Networking 2004: Networking technologies, services, and protocols: Performance of computer and communication networks, mobile and wireless commuication: Third International IFIP-TC6 Networking Conference, Athens, Greece, May 9-14, 2004 ; Proceedings. (Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 3042) (pp. 1433-1439). Berlin; New York: Springer.

Wright, S., & Viniotis, Y. (2000). Buffer size requirements for delay sensitive traffic considering discrete effects and service-latency in ATM switches. In G. Pujolle ... et al. (Eds.), Networking 2000: Broadband communications, high performance networking, and performance of communication networks / IFIP-TC6/European Commission International Conference, Paris, France, May 2000, proceedings. (Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 1815) (pp. 61-73). Berlin; New York: Springer.

Conference Papers
Singh, A., & Viniotis, Y. (2016). Resource allocation for IoT applications in cloud environments. In 2017 international conference on computing, networking and communications (icnc). (International Conference on Computer Networking and Communications, ) (pp. 719-723).

Singh, A., & Viniotis, Y. (2016). An SLA-based resource allocation for IoT applications in cloud environments. (2016 Cloudification of the Internet of Things (CIOT), ).

Saovapakhiran, B., Devetsikiotis, M., Michailidis, G., & Viniotis, Y. (2012). Average delay SLAs in cloud computing. In 2012 ieee international conference on communications (icc). (IEEE International Conference on Communications, ).

Boloor, K., Chirkova, R., Salo, T., & Viniotis, Y. (2011). Analysis of response time percentile service level agreements in SOA-based applications. In 2011 ieee global telecommunications conference (globecom 2011). (IEEE Global Telecommunications Conference (globecom), ).

Boloor, K., Chirkova, R., Salo, T., & Viniotis, Y. (2010). Heuristic-based request scheduling subject to a percentile response time SLA in a distributed cloud. In 2010 ieee global telecommunications conference globecom 2010. (IEEE Global Telecommunications Conference (globecom), ).

Taggart, C. S., Viniotis, Y., & Sichitiu, M. L. (2009). Modeling the effect of node synchronization times in ultra-wideband wireless networks. (Performance Evaluation, 66 3-5) (pp. 223-239).

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