Focus Online: Volume 27 number 2

Volume 27 number 2 - Winter 2007

Publisher: North Carolina State University Libraries, Campus Box 7111, Raleigh, North Carolina 27695-7111
Editor: Terrell Armistead Crow
Copyright: 2007, NCSU

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Focus online Winter 2007, Volume 27.2, Part I, Library News | pdf file: 848k

  • Genetics and Plant Genomics: Building Unique Collections for the Twenty-first Century
  • "Elluminating" Library Research for Distance Education Students
  • Susan Osborne Receives 2006 NCSU Libraries Faculty Award
  • Students Work Hard for Us
  • Breaking the Rules: Alumni Remember the Library

Focus online Winter 2007, Volume 27.2, Part II, Library Seminars and Events | pdf file: 560k

  • B. W. Wells: Pioneer Ecologist
  • Paving the Way

Focus online Winter 2007, Volume 27.2, Part III, New Library Personnel | pdf file: 144k

  • Mary Chimato

Focus online Winter 2007, Volume 27.2, Part IV, Library Development | pdf file: 448k

  • Libraries' Capital Nears Home Stretch
  • Portrait of a Corporate Partner: Motricity
  • NCSU Libraries Corporate Partners
  • Seven Days a Week and a County Vet's Practice, Doc Brown Endowment Profile
  • An Accomplished Group of Faculty Friends
  • Naming Opportunities
  • Honor with Books
  • NC State Community Memorials

Focus online Winter 2007, Vol. 27.2, Part V, Friends of the Library | pdf file: 368k

  • Fall Luncheon 2006: Sleuthing the Alamo with Jim Crisp
  • Cyma Rubin Libraries Fellow