Focus Online: Volume 23 number 1

Volume 23 number 1 - Fall 2002

Publisher: North Carolina State University Libraries, Campus Box 7111, Raleigh, North Carolina 27695-7111
Editor: Terrell Armistead Crow
Copyright: 2002

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Focus online Fall 2002, Volume 23.1, Part I, Library News | pdf file: 612k

  • Solving the Puzzle: Creating Information Literate Students
  • Yours, Mine, and Ours: Copyright Ownership and NC State
  • Constructing a Place for the Digital Age
  • PDA Project at the Veterinary Medical Library
  • University Library Committee
  • Mentoring Experience Caps Leadership Program
  • Orion Pozo Wins Distinguished Service Award

Focus online Fall 2002, Volume 23.1, Part II, Library Seminars and Events | pdf file: 504k

  • Beyond the Boundaries: Partnerships in GIS Education at NC State
  • Scenes from the Grand Opening of the Hill of Beans Coffee Bar
  • Howard Besser Speaks at I. T. Littleton Seminar
  • The Term of Copyright: It Keeps Going and Going and Going . . .

Focus online Fall 2002, Volume 23.1, Part III, New Library Personnel, February-July 2002 | pdf file: 612k

  • Laura K. Blessing
  • Joanna C. Duy
  • Joseph Hester
  • Steven P. Morris
  • Jan H. Kemp
  • Gregory K. Raschke
  • New Cohort of NCSU Libraries Fellows

What Are Incubator Endowments?

Focus online Fall 2002, Volume 23.1, Part V, Friends of the Library | pdf file: 580k

  • 2002 Spring Dinner: Spenser Fans Enjoy an Evening with Robert Parker
  • Spring Dinner Highlights
  • Message from Assad Meymandi, President, Friends of the Library Board of Directors
  • Michael Stoskopf To Speak at 2002 Fall Luncheon
  • Hill of Beans Ongoing Book Sale a Success
  • 2001-2002 New Life Members
  • In Memoriam, Friends of the Library Life Members
  • FOL Calendar of Events