My Account

My Account is a one-stop location for students and library patrons to see their library requests - materials from the NCSU Libraries’ collection, ILLiad requests, and upcoming room reservations.



My Account is a public-facing web service that allows patrons to have a single place to view their library requests. This includes items currently requested or checked out from both NCSU Libraries as well as interlibrary loans (Tripsaver requests) and upcoming room reservations.


My Account serves as a single landing page for activity across collections and services. It also provides visual notifications for items due, fines, and other forthcoming account activity.

NCSU Libraries also uses My Account to automatically create an ILLiad account for a user the first time that they create an ILLiad request. This creates a more seamless process for library patrons to request material from other institutions.  We also use My Account to update account information in Tripsaver when it changes in our ILS.

How We Did It

My Account is a PHP application using NCIP to communicate with our ILS. It was built in-house at NCSU Libraries. It does not have its own backend database; instead, it relies on the NCIP Toolkit developed by eXtensible Catalog Project, which connects My Account to NCSU Libraries’ Sirsi Dynix ILS.  It also uses intermediate scripts and an API to interact with our locally hosted instance of ILLiad. Combined, the My Account app interacts with 4 APIs and 2 databases (Oracle and MSSQL).


We were able to customize our Illiad CSS to match the look and feel of My Account, blending the two, as if the user were within the same application as opposed to a separate one.  It uses Shibboleth for user authentication services and limited information-gathering.