Library Article Linker

Tool for creating stable links to articles that work on and off campus.


Library Article Linker helps instructors create durable "deep links" to articles in e-journals and databases. The Linker remedies two of the main problems with links to articles in licensed resources: 1) off-campus access problems, and 2) URLs with temporary variables. Instructors can use the Linker to create reliable online reading lists, in some cases obviating the instructor's need for a library managed electronic reserves service. Although the Library Article Linker currently only works for NCSU users, the concept and the code can be applied by any library that uses a proxy server.

How We Did It

The application is a single web page script, written in PHP, that processes user input in the form of a DOI or URL. Regular expression pattern matching is used to identify and process the user input as appropriate. The output of the script is a new link prepended with a DOI resolution prefix and/or the local library proxy prefix. Article links to some service providers (e.g. Ebsco) that use temporary proxy links are refashioned into non-temporary links. The script locally logs all transactions for stats and debugging purposes.


Publications and Presentations

Boyer, J. and Sierra, T. (2007). "Library Article Linker: Improving Access to Licensed Resources One Link at a Time", poster presentation for LAUNC-CH 2007 Annual Research Forum, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, May 23, 2007. [poster]