Jekyll Academic

A Jekyll theme designed specifically for that academic community. Built using open source tools and GitHub Pages, the Jekyll Academic theme allows users to create simple and usable professional websites. Published with full documentation and freely available workshop materials for anyone who wishes to teach a Jekyll Academic Workshop. 


Websites that are nicely-designed, usable, and free are always needed within the academic community. Jekyll Academic is a Jekyll theme that librarians at NCSU Libraries have tailored specifically for academic use. It allows individuals to create a free, professional-looking website with options for blogging, hosting syllabi, presentations, resumes, or portfolios. 

How We Did It

Jekyll Academic is created using open source tools including Jekyll, GitHub pages, and Markdown. By relying on open source technologies, the resulting product is a website in which you retain full control of your content. It is highly portable, meaning you can move it between web hosts quickly and easily should you need to. 

In addition to the underlying technologies being available openly, we have also openly published full documentation, including step-by-step instructions for hosting your own Jekyll Academic workshop. We hope that this documentation, along with freely available workshop materials, will encourage other institutions to host Jekyll Academic workshops.