A repository partnership focused on evolutionary science data underlying scientific publications. 


Dryad is a joint project of NESCent and the UNC Metadata Research Center, with North Carolina State University participating as a development partner, along with the University of New Mexico, and Yale University, focusing on creation of a repository for data underlying scientific publications, with an initial focus on evolution, ecology, and related fields. Dryad allows investigators to validate published findings, explore new analysis methodologies, repurpose the data for research questions unanticipated by the original authors, and perform synthetic studies such as formal meta-analyses.

How We Did It

Primary development of the Dryad repository, based on a moderately customized DSpace instance, and the data submission interface is being done by the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center. NCSU will help to migrate the repository and codebase to the NCSU Libraries' production Solaris infrastructure. NCSU will also support data replication systems to ensure integrity and persistence.