Veterinary Student Illustrations in Hunt Library Immersion Theater


Visit the James B. Hunt Jr. Library to see veterinary student artwork from the Spring 2017 Veterinary Illustration Selective VMC 991-29 taught by Dr. Michael K. Stoskopf, Professor of Aquatics, Wildlife, and Zoologic Medicine and of Molecular and Environmental Toxicology. Thirty-five works highlighting a variety of drawing techniques are featured in the iPearl Immersion Theater.   Drawings from the course are also displayed on the portholes and the eboard in the Veterinary Medicine Library. 

Veterinary Illustration is a one-week studio course taught at the CVM in April each year. It offers veterinary students the opportunity to hone their observation as well as their drawing and illustration skills with live observations at the Teaching Animal Unit and other locations. Students became familiar with basic drawing and pen and ink techniques with an emphasis on rendering from three dimensional objects, living animals, and photographs from books and journals in the Libraries’ collections. To learn more about the course, and other art and design efforts at the CVM, read the article “Creativity and a Critical Eye” (pg. 7-8) in the NCSU Libraries Focus magazine

The drawings were scanned by VML Student Assistants, adapted for digital display by Dr. Carol Vreeland, Associate Director of the Veterinary Medicine Library (retired), and prepared for display by John Joyner, Media & Design, College of Veterinary Medicine, then adapted and programmed for the James B. Hunt Jr. Library's iPearl Immersion Theater by Mara Mathews and Mike Nutt of the NCSU Libraries. Enjoy!