Answers about Veterinary Open Access

Thanks for participating in Open Access week. Here are the answers to the questions we posted.....

What % of One Health articles published are open access for everyone to read?

41% of One Health articles in our study (Vreeland, Alpi, Pike, Whitman, Kennedy-Stoskopf -- see open access article in Journal of the Medical Library Association -
- Of 2651 unique articles, 814 (30.7%) open immediately, 262 (9.9%) partially open-after embargo, 1575 (59.4%) closed forever?

What % of articles published by NCSU CVM faculty in 2014 are open access for everyone?

32% overall. 23% in open access journals (n=65); 9% at the article level (n=24) in PubMed Central due to funder requirements; 68% (n=191) closed.
- One thing you can do even if you publish your article in a closed access journal is consider depositing your manuscript in the NCSU Libraries Scholarly Publications Repository so it will be freely accessible. See example --

How much would I have to pay a year as an individual subscriber to get one veterinary journal like Veterinary Clinics of North America?
$310 a year for an individual subscription to VCNA Small Animal Practice. This gets you 6 issues of year of in-depth review articles. Budget accordingly!

Thanks for reading and please let us know if we can help you find ways to make the results of your research more available. Have a great week!

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