3D-printing demo at Veterinary Medicine Library during 4/1 CVM Open House


3D printing will be on display at the Veterinary Medicine Library this Saturday, April 1 at the College of Veterinary Medicine Open House.

Visit the Veterinary Medicine Library to see a consumer-grade printer generating a dog scapula bone, examine other 3D-printed bones and materials, and learn more about 3D printing in research and medical education. Learn more about the laboratory of assistant professor Dr. Christopher Walker, an anatomist and biological anthropologist. 3D-printed models from his research have already made it into area classrooms, allowing students to handle and mark up affordable versions of the the specimens that they’re learning about in their labs.

"3D-printed bones are durable, fully replaceable, recyclable and customizable. With the digital bone files, students can also use free software to view and study bones in three dimensions without needing to print,” Walker says.  Several of the bones he has digitized are freely available as printable files at Morphosource.