Update on the book move in the D. H. Hill Library


The first stage of moving 1.5 million books into the bookBot at the new Hunt Library has gone incredibly well, and we thank you for your patience! We are largely finished with moving books out of the D. H. Hill Library, with the exception of engineering books published since 2007. These will remain at D. H. Hill (consolidated in the stacks on the 2nd floor after October 30) until late December, when they will be moved to open shelves at the Hunt Library in preparation for its opening on January 2, 2013.

See the full, detailed schedule for the book move.

Books on the move within the D. H. Hill Library
To reduce the crowding in the stacks and to prepare for future improvements at the D. H. Hill Library, we'll be moving books around the D. H. Hill stacks for the next few months.

To make sure this disrupts your work as little possible, here are a few things we're doing to keep the move moving along smoothly:

  • We'll post signs at the library entrance, elevators, and other key spots daily to let you know which floors are being worked on (and might be a little noisy) at any given time.
  • As books are moved, the online catalog will, as always, show their current location.
  • Since some books will be in transit for several hours as they are moved around and between floors, you may want to plan ahead and make sure that you have the materials you need if you have a short timeline for completing a project.
  • Staff can help you in person if you can't find an item. Just ask a staff member in the Learning Commons ”or hit the Ask Us! button at the top of each page of www.lib.ncsu.edu .