Student Short Film Showcase screens Thursday

Image from Meg Howell’s “Hunting Duck.”

Image from Meg Howell’s “Hunting Duck.”

The director Wim Wenders once said, “Before you say ‘cut,’ wait five more seconds.” But then he wasn’t making four-minute films.

The annual Student Short Film Showcase highlights the work of talented NC State students in the mediums of film, video and animation, all under four minutes long. On Thursday, Feb. 15, 7:00-8:30 p.m. in the Hunt Library Auditorium, this screening will also feature a “best of” selection of graduate student animations from the past several years, curated by Art and Design professor Marc Russo. Student filmmakers will also be on hand to talk about their works. The event is free and open to the public.

Senior Lecturer Jim Alchediak, who teaches the digital video production class whose students' works is featured in the showcase says, “It’s a really nice opportunity for students to showcase their work and, of course, it’s increasingly rare for students to have an opportunity to see their work play in front of a live audience like this.”

Featuring about 20 short films, the showcase includes such instant classics as Hunter Ives’ “Trouble in the Henhouse,” in which a fellow gets more than he paid for after disturbing a nest; Meg Howell’s “Hunting Duck,” which hilariously explores the prey’s vengeance; and “What Goes Up,” Jennifer Sotomaya’s ingenious animated trailer about an irascible pug.

When these young filmmakers win Oscars, you’re going to want to say you knew them back when!