Libraries hosts Code4Lib

Erik Olson and Meredith Wynn present at Code4Lib

Erik Olson and Meredith Wynn present at Code4Lib

In May, the Libraries hosted the Code4Lib Southeast conference, a regional event of the national Code4Lib conference. Drawing 95 attendees from 28 institutions from all over the region, the conference featured sessions covering technology in libraries, archives, and museums in the Southeast. Although the conference was free, the Libraries was able to offer three travel scholarships to members of groups not well-represented in the Code4Lib community with funding from TRLN and OCLC. 

The conference featured fourteen presentations and seven lightning talks on topics such as projects incorporating innovative implementations of existing technologies, big issues in library technology, how to get the most out of existing tools, standards, and protocols, and non-technical issues such as collaboration, diversity, organizational challenges, and more. 

Our librarians presented a variety of talks:

  • Annotation of IIIF resources, Niqui O’Neill

  • Drupal 7 to Drupal 8: Our Journey, Erik Olson and Meredith Wynn

  • Raspberry PioT: Teaching the Internet of Things with the Raspberry Pi, Colin Nickels

  • Scaling Up R Instruction using RStudio Cloud + Zoom at NC State, Alison Blaine

  • Embracing the Mess: An Approach to Utilizing All Potential Data Sources, Luke Aeschleman

Planning Committee Members included Bret Davidson (chair), Kevin Beswick, Mike Kastellec, Mia Partlow, and Hannah Rainey. This marks the first time that the NC State University Libraries has hosted this conference. 

Attendees raved about our take on Code4Lib. One wrote: “The format was fantastic. I got more out of this conference than I have from several other multi-day conferences. It was a great use of a day...The organizers did a commendable job getting relevant/interesting presentations on tap and managing the logistics as the day progressed.”

“We've been very active in the Code4Lib community for a long time,” Jason Ronallo, Department Head of Digital Library Initiatives said, “and to have this conference here was really special and meaningful to me.”