A Thanksgiving Feast from the Special Collections Research Center

    Table setting, circa 1910

Table setting, circa 1910

What are your Thanksgiving plans? Are you going to have a large get-together with your extended family, a smaller dinner with your closer family, a "Friendsgiving," or take advantage of the time off for some much needed me-time? Whatever it might be, you may want some inspiration from the over 150,000 resources found in the Rare and Unique Digital Collections, which houses digitized materials from the NC State University Libraries' Special Collections Research Center. Looking at these historical documents and images (and some more contemporary ones), you can plan out your own Thanksgiving feast.

Before you start cooking and baking for your feast, you should prepare a clean and organized kitchen and familiarize yourself with basic food stocks and ingredients. Luckily this home demonstration booklet from 1919 has you covered.

An essential part of your Thanksgiving feast is cornbread. This pamphlet from the NC Agricultural Extension Service gives you several baking ideas for cornbread. The NC Agricultural Extension Service also published the home demonstration circular from above, and several other materials found in this blog post.

Casserole is another important side dish for your dinner. This pamphlet includes two casserole recipes for you to choose from, as well as another recipe for cornbread, and some desserts (for later!)

Sweet potatoes are another important side. Here's a video from Brenda Sutton from her Produce Lady series. This episode gives you all kinds of info about sweet potatoes and some ideas of how to prepare them.

Personally, I like cranberry sauce from the can, but I understand most people disagree. So how about canning for yourself?

OK, it might be too late to have canned cranberries in time for this Thanksgiving, but you can start learning for the next one! Our collection has several extension publications about canning.

Are you done baking and cooking? Have your guests arrived? Great job! Now you have to set the table.

Oops! I think I left out one thing...

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