New New South Lecture Series

By: Adam Berenbak

Please join us on the 25 of March for the third in our New New South
Lecture Series where we will hear from Chancellor Emeritus Larry
Montieth, Executive Director of the NC State Entrepreneurship Initiative
Tom Miller, and COO Donnie Goins about how to build a pervasive culture
of innovation and entrepreneurship for students. Speakers will discuss
how the Entrepreneurship Initiative at NC State is working to turn
entrepreneurial academic projects into a job creation engine.

The New New South Lectures examine the economic, social, and cultural
forces that have shaped--and are shaping--the South. This series places
the region's current transformation to an information economy into the
context of the earlier shift from agriculture to manufacturing in North

The talks are free and open to the public.

Topics, speakers and details are located at
/news/new-new-south .

To register, please go to .