Happy Birthday, World Wide Web

In the Spirit of Tinkering

In the Spirit of Tinkering

If you haven't seen today's Google Doodle, or if it wasn't already marked on your calendar, today marks the 30th anniversary of the world wide web. Happy birthday, Web! And way to go, tinkerers of the world!

We'll celebrate today the same way we celebrate most days, by making content from our collections available online, in convenient digital format. Today we're working on materials from the Animal Welfare Institute Records, which we're digitizing as part of the Animal Turn project. It's largely speeches and statements prepared by and for Christine Stevens, who had founded the AWI and served as its president until her death in 2002.

Christine Stevens's Statements and Speeches, including "Appropriations to Enforce the Endangered Species Act, April 14, 1976"

Christine Stevens's Statements and Speeches, including "Environmental Panel, Wingspread Symposium, October 21, 1977"

Christine Stevens's Statements and Speeches, including "Statements for Oversight Hearings on the Endangered Species Act of 1973 Before the Fisheries and Wildlife Subcommittee of the House Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee, May 25, 1978"

Additionally, just for fun, we'd like to share a totally unrelated resource: A drawing by G. Milton Small of Sections and Elevations of a Computer Parking Machine

Materials digitized through the Animal Turn, as well as resources related to computers and computing history, are available in the Libraries' Rare and Unique Digital Collections site, which, aside from celebrating the Web everyday, provides access to over a million images, drawings, video, audio recordings, and textual materials from the Libraries' Special Collections Research Center.