Happy Anniversary, Nubian Message!

Today the Nubian Message celebrates 25 years of publishing on the NC State campus.  In the first issue (30 Nov. 1992) Editor-in-Chief Tony Williamson wrote that the "Nubian Message should and will be the media voice for African-Americans at N.C. State."  He went on to say that "it will be a publication in which people can learn about different aspects of our culture, as well as find useful information about State's campus" (see Williamson's full article on the founding of the Nubian Message).  Twenty-five years later this mission lives on. 

The NCSU Libraries proudly preserves the legacy of the Nubian Message and makes early issues available online.  We congratulate the Nubian Message on 25 years! 

We've gathered a sampling of highlights over the years below. Click on any image to read the full issue.

Nubian Message, January 27, 1994

Nubian Message, March 10, 1994

Nubian Message, April 28, 1994

Nubian Message, April 1, 1995

Nubian Message, February 22, 1996

Nubian Message, September 7, 2001

Nubian Message, September 27, 2001

Nubian Message, October 26, 2004