Foodie Friday: Picnic Meals


Picnic Meals, 4-H Club Manual, 1983Picnic Meals, 4-H Club Manual, 1983

Planning a picnic for the 4th of July? You might get some inspiration from the 4-H manual Picnic Meals, which dates from 1983 and is full of recipes to cook over an open campfire. For desserts, check out the s'mores-like recipe for Marguerites ("Dessert-on-a-Stick") on page 14, with roasted marshmallows enjoyed on saltine crackers with nuts or peanut butter. There is also a recipe for the classic s'mores ("Some Mores") on page 16. Enjoy!

There are more historic 4-H and extension materials that you can explore on our Rare & Unique Digital Collections website. Or contact Special Collections if you are interested in researching more foodway history.