New Collection Guide Available for the Scott Green Collection of Comics-Related Publications

Poetry Comics!, an independent zineComic Book Marketplace magazine

The NCSU Libraries’ Special Collections Research Center is pleased to announce our newly published collection guide for the Scott Green Collection of Comics-Related Publications. Special Collections has an eclectic range of archival collections, from ones on NC State and its history, ones focusing on such topics as architecture and design, agriculture, and more, and ones pertaining to pop culture, like the Scott Green Collection.


This collection includes magazines, newsletters, zines, and other publications about comics, comic collecting, and pop culture, as well as comic anthology magazines, comic single issues, and magazines of compiled comic strips and political cartoons. It was donated by Scott E. Green, a poet, author, and journalist, renowned for his speculative fantasy and science fiction poetry.



I-SAPA fanzineFan comic with DC Comic's Hawkman



Of particular note are assorted independent zines from the 1970s, made and distributed by members of the Inter-State Amateur Press Alliance (I-SAPA), an amateur press association. Amateur press associations (APAs) were groups of people with similar interests who would each create their own publication and send them to other members of the association. These are interesting artifacts of fan culture before the wide use of the internet. Members communicated with each other via responses within their zines, as well expressed their opinions on what they had been reading or watching. Many included original fiction, humor pieces, art, and even their own comics. They are an excellent first-hand account of what geek culture was like in the 1970’s.

Many of the magazines, journals, and newsletters of the Scott Green Collection provide academic and informative articles on comic books and other forms of popular entertainment, in both historical and contemporary contexts.



Comics Revue, a compilation of cartoon strips


You can browse the collection’s items in its online finding aid, and if you are interested in viewing any materials, you can make a request via this form. To discover more information on Special Collections’ archival collections, please visit our Collections Guides, or browse through our Rare and Unique Digital Collections.