Skateboard racks coming to D. H. Hill and Hunt Libraries


In response to safety concerns and increased damage to walls, furniture, and equipment, the NCSU Libraries is expanding its Library Use Rule (RUL 02.61.05) to prohibit skateboards, scooters, hoverboards and unicycles from being brought into the Libraries. The rule revision also prohibits the use of unmanned aerial vehicles, commonly known as drones, in the Libraries.

In order to make the new rules more convenient for the many students who use skateboards, the Libraries has installed two outdoor skateboard racks at both the D. H. Hill Library and the Hunt Library. Racks will be located by building entrances and nearby bus stops, close to current bicycle racks. Both libraries will also lend the padlocks necessary to secure a skateboard (or even a unicycle) in the racks.

More and more frequently, skateboards have been placed against walls in the library, where they mark and scar them, requiring costly repairs. Skateboards and scooters have also been left in high-traffic throughways and library public spaces, creating tripping hazards. The racks are a convenient, low-cost way to address these issues, while also providing a secure and convenient form of storage for skateboards while their owners use the Libraries.