Oscar-nominated animation at the Libraries

The NCSU Libraries is proud to host a screening of Swiss director Claude Barras’s charming stop-motion animated film, “Ma Vie de Courgette (My Life as a Zucchini),” as part of the third annual Tournees Film Festival.

The 2017 Academy Award nominee for Best Animated Feature will be shown Monday, Feb. 12 from 7:00 p.m.-8:15 p.m. in the Hunt Library Auditorium. The film is in French with subtitles.

“Ma Vie de Courgette” is an unexpectedly uplifting look at childhood tragedy. After his alcoholic mother’s death, nine-year-old Icare—known to his friends as Zucchini—is placed in a group home where he soon forms alliances and rivalries with a group of kids in equally difficult circumstances, including the son of drug addicts and the daughter of a deported refugee.

The film is imbued with a real-life sense of childhood wonder, both through its inventive animation and its commitment to exclusively telling the story from the children’s perspective. The result is a marvelously nuanced, finely crafted depiction of childhood, as appealing to young people as adults.

Visit the Tournees festival site to find out about other terrific films showing throughout February at other campus locations: https://projects.ncsu.edu/gti/tournees/