Preview of Centennial Campus public art at the Hunt Library

A model of Larry Bell’s forthcoming sculptural work is on display in the Hunt Library

The Centennial Campus Public Art Committee has recently commissioned its inaugural work of art from Larry Bell, an artist known for his work with light and glass. Bell’s work Red and Whites will consist of four large sculptural glass cubes on the Oval lawn outside of the Hunt Library. The work is expected to be completed by fall 2023.

Until the installation of the work, a maquette of the sculptures is on display on a tabletop inside Hunt near the east-facing windows by the Technology Showcase on the second floor. This model offers a sneak-peek at what the work will look like and of the scale at which it will exist on campus. 

“This work will create a space where students can meet, faculty can hold classes, and staff can take a moment to relax,” Jude DesNoyer, Activation & Outreach Manager with University Real Estate & Development, says. “This work will also help the ongoing effort of reimagining Centennial Campus as a destination for everyone. Red and Whites will attract people to campus that have never been to Centennial, or may have no affiliation with NC State. It's just going to be stunning, fantastic, and transformative.” 

The maquette will showcase the work to potential donors, provide learning opportunities for NC State students, and help tell the story of why the university is bringing this work to campus.

“The great thing about working with the Libraries is that the maquette is directly next to the space. You can look out the window and see exactly where the work will go,” DesNoyer adds. “It offers people the chance to imagine the work in the space. It also gives people a chance to get a glimpse of the greatness of Larry Bell and the career he has had. He isn't a household name in the Carolinas but he has international notoriety. The fact that he wants to bring one of his greatest works to our campus speaks volumes.”