Makerspace student worker is an InVenture Prize winner

The Inventure prize trophy

The Libraries congratulates Makerspace student worker Chloe Sanchez-Prado and her four-member team for being awarded first-place in the 2021 Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) InVenture Prize competition. A biomedical engineering student, Sanchez-Prado has been working at the Hill Library’s Makerspace since her first week on campus and credits it as being an integral part of her experience at NC State. 

Her team developed UV Scope, a handheld bacterial spectrometer with applications in medicine and food handling fields. Current bacterial spectrometer technology only exists in lab environments at significant expense. All four students are members of the College of Engineering Entrepreneurs Program.

“Before gaining access to other makerspaces, the Hill Library’s Makerspace was our primary source for 3D printing during our initial prototyping phases,” Sanchez-Prado says. “Although we didn't utilize the equipment in the Makerspace past our initial prototyping, the space itself has definitely acted as a driving force in my contributions to the team.”

“Through the Makerspace, not only did I have the chance to further develop my skills in 3D design and rapid manufacturing, but I also worked in an amazing space that encouraged collaborative learning and curiosity,” she continues. “My experience working at the Makerspace has definitely played a huge role in my pursuit of entrepreneurship and has ultimately given me the tools to succeed as the lead engineer for our mechanical design!”

Learn about the team’s InVenture Prize-winning project in more detail on the College of Engineering site.