upgrading to LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning with® content

LinkedIn Learning with® content, the online learning site, will be migrating to LinkedIn Learning in August. LinkedIn Learning will offer a new interface and new features while still providing the same legacy content. learning content will be unavailable on Tuesday, Aug. 6. On Wednesday, Aug. 7, access to existing content will be available through the LinkedIn Learning platform. This content will be available for free to the NC State community for at least three more years.

After the transition, users will receive an email notification to activate their LinkedIn Learning account. In order to transfer one’s learning history from, users must activate their LinkedIn Learning account before March 2020. Saved links to courses or videos will need to be updated after the migration to LinkedIn Learning is completed on Aug. 7. 

LinkedIn Learning is a separate service from LinkedIn, the employment social network. LinkedIn users will have the option to connect their LinkedIn Learning account to their LinkedIn profiles. Having or connecting a LinkedIn profile is not required to use LinkedIn Learning.

More information about LinkedIn Learning and the migration is available on the Libraries site here. Faculty interested in integrating this online learning content into courses may contact DELTA’s LearnTech support.

Jason Evans Groth
Digital Media Librarian for Learning Spaces and Services