Changes underway at the Creativity Studio

Hunt Library Creativity Studio

Hunt Library Creativity Studio

Exciting changes are coming to the Creativity Studio at the Hunt Library. Throughout the summer, the Libraries has been refreshing this high-tech space, including updates to the AV infrastructure with the addition of new HD laser projectors.

The refreshed Creativity Studio is scheduled to reopen in early September.

A rotating wall that had previously divided the space has been removed to increase the room’s overall capacity. Extraneous furniture and other hardware—extra projectors, lights, cameras, and LCD displays—have also been removed to increase the flexibility of the space and to make it easier to use. The studio has a new, unified room control panel as well.

Located on Hunt’s fourth floor, the Creativity Studio is a flexible space that can be configured for a variety of teaching, learning, and collaborative activities. The south end features a single HD projector with a standard aspect ratio to support more common use cases (workshops, instruction, etc.). The north end features two HD laser projectors blended on a wide curved screen for more immersive experiences and presentations. Each wall has a high powered PC, but users can connect their own devices through HDMI or wireless presenters. 

Learn more about the space, and reserve it for use, on our website.