My Analog Journal, Recommended by Alexander Valencia

Image from the Youtube Channel "My Analog Journal".

Image from the Youtube Channel "My Analog Journal"I love working while having music play through the headphones or out of the speakers, especially while writing. However, there are some parameters. If there are English lyrics then I'll end up zoning out on choruses, forgetting about my work. If I'm listening to a playlist I'll start spending more time changing songs than actually working. A solution that I found and have been listening to during the quarantine is the Youtube channel "My Analog Journal". Simply described as a channel that explores rare grooves around the world on vinyl. The mixes are usually 30-60mins and cover all types of genres like Brazillian Grooves, 70's Japanese Jazz, Cuban Sounds, Turkish Soul, Afrobeat and so on. I have found many great gems through this channel and the comment section is a positive community of folks from all over. Great for sitting back with a cup of coffee/tea and groovin through the day. My personal favorite mix is the "Brazillian Grooves Vinyl Set."