Four minutes of hilarity, suspense and experiment


Image from Image from "Perennial Slip," a short film by Julia Kenny

You just might be sitting next to a future Oscar winner.

The NCSU Libraries, the Department of Communication and the Art+Design Department co-present the annual Student Short Film Showcase on Wednesday, Nov. 16, 7:30-9 p.m. in the James B. Hunt Jr. Library Auditorium. This free, public screening features the best short animated and experimental films by NC State students, who will be on hand to discuss their work.

The sheer variety of this program—in which all films are under four minutes in length—makes it an annual audience favorite. Justine Turley’s “Forgiveness” uses the wilderness to evoke existential suspense. Meghan Quinn puts imagery with language from the 2014 United Nations Climate Summit Speech to make a poignant environmental statement in “Ignorance.” Tanner Kirouac’s “Losing Control” meditates upon the banality of hatred. Andy McCorkle puts a romantic twist on the horror genre in “The Red Dress.”

The program is also rich in animated films. Andrew Wiedner anxiously meditates upon social and academic hauntings in “Frame of Mind.” Lucia Barrett tells the story of the hapless “Wendy the Witch” who just wants a friend. Dylan Bryant helps Donnie Brasco unpack the expression “Fuhgeddaboudit.” Allison Goodman’s “Gross Dog” offers a funny take on man’s best friend.

Like many of the films, Julia Kenny’s “Perennial Slip” addresses something most students have to deal with every day. In Kenny’s case, it’s a surreal take on living in close proximity to lots of other students.

“‘Perennial Slip’ was inspired by my neighbor, a plant biology major at the time, who kept a jungle of plants on his front porch,” Kenny says. “There were so many different shapes, sizes and colors that they seemed to be otherworldly. They inspired me to create a magical realism short film which gravitated around their whimsical nature.”

The Student Short Film Showcase will include films by:
Jackson Roberts and Kayla Propst, Justine Turley, Alex Smith, Meghan Quinn, Landon Gray, Andy McCorkle, Rebecca Locklin, Tanner Kirouac, Julia Kenny, Chelsea Fogarty, Sophia Davis, Lucia Barrett, Allison Goodman, Andrew Wiedner, Dylan Bryant, Tyler Farlow, Monica Nguyen and Emily Parker.