Don’t chuck it—fix it!

A lamp that flickers. A toaster oven on the fritz. A jacket with a torn sleeve. An end table that wobbles. A necklace with a bad clasp. Everyone has something broken lingering in their house or dorm room.

Register now to bring your items that need repairs to the Repair Cafe at the D. H. Hill Library Fishbowl Forum on Thursday, Sept. 20 from 6:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m. Repair coaches with general tools and materials will work with you on your items and teach you basic repair skills so you can fix broken electronics, toys, furniture, clothing, jewelry, and more. Instead of chucking things in the landfill, you’ll gain hands-on experience with a variety of tools and learn a thing or two about how stuff works while reducing waste.

It’s all part of the NCSU Libraries partnership with the NCSU Sustainability Office during Campus Sustainability Week. Items to bring include:

  • electrical and electronic items such as cameras, power cords, and lamps (no cell phones or laptops, please!)
  • small appliances like toaster ovens and coffeemakers
  • smaller pieces of furniture like stools or end tables
  • toys
  • clothing items
  • jewelry items

Register today! Let us know the specific item (be as detailed as possible, with model and manufacturer info), what repair it needs or how it’s not functioning, any documentation you have on the object, and any replacement part or specialized tools you have that you could bring with you.

Krystin Gollihue, Graduate Extension Assistant, D. H. Hill Library Makerspace