Can I use this image in my paper?

Do you understand copyright law? Do you really know if you can just right-click that image and use it in your own work?

The Libraries offers a hands-on workshop to answer those questions and more on Tuesday, March 13, 3-4 p.m. in the D. H. Hill Library Assembly Room (second floor). You’ll learn how to use images in your research legally and ethically, as well as the ways that the law supports scholarly use of images, from experts from the Design Library and the Copyright & Digital Scholarship Center. This workshop will increase your confidence and alleviate your fears when using images in your research and scholarship.

Pre-register for the workshop here:

Topics covered include:

  • The basics of copyright law and fair use
  • The rules for using and sharing images
  • The power of Creative Commons licenses to share images
  • The relationship between fair use and educational and scholarly uses you make in your own work

Will Cross, Director, Copyright & Digital Scholarship Center
(919) 513-2416