The Wild Robot by Peter Brown

Book cover of The Wild Robot

Reviewed by Adam Rogers, Head of Making & Innovation Studio

Last summer my son and I revisited The Wild Robot and its sequel The Wild Robot Escapes, which are some of our very favorite books. These books follow the by turns harrowing, heartwarming, and profound story of our hero Rozzum unit 7134 (Roz), an advanced self-learning robot who by chance crash-lands on an island as devoid of humans as it is abundant in wildlife. Sharing more of the story would be spoiling, but my fellow librarians and book lovers will enjoy seeing some of author Peter Brown's process, which began with the question, "What would an intelligent robot do in the wilderness?" on his website (see ). These books are a great read-aloud for families, and the audiobooks are excellently narrated as well, with great robot and animal voices—we combined both, including some very immersive listening on a road trip.