The Wars of Reconstruction


Book: The Wars of Reconstruction:  The Brief, Violent History of America's Most Progressive Era

Author: Douglas R. Egerton

Reviewer: David Hiscoe, Director, Communication Strategy, NCSU Libraries

You probably have some idea in your mind about what the south was like immediately following the Civil War.  If you went to the same sorts of schools that I did, it's probably wrong, unless you are thinking "Baghdad or Syria, 2014."
Targeted assassinations of idealistic teachers and preachers, the killings of people as they tried to vote, murderers roaming in the night eliminating opponents, especially black elected officials, often heroes who survived the battlefield but died during the peace that followed.  All led by an accidental president who had held slaves himself until two years before he took office—and tolerated by a public that was tired of war and ready to move on.