Still Foolin’ Em


Book: Still Foolin’ Em

Author: Billy Crystal

Reviewer: Bob Cairns, Page Turners from the Past

I’ve been concentrating on reading older books, ones from the past that I think deserve a good dusting off, and then posting the reviews on my Page Turners from the Past website ( ).

But I had to fast forward and read Billy Crystal’s new book Still Foolin’ ‘Em . If you’re moving into your Golden Years, or would just like to have a good laugh at those of us who are heading to the finish line, then I’d suggest you give this The New York Times BESTSELLER a read. Crystal’s subtitle says it all: “Where I’ve Been, Where I’m Going, and Where in the Hell are My Keys?”

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and when you turn the book’s last page, who knows, you might just remember where in the hell you left those keys!