Henry Frye


Book: Henry Frye, North Carolina's First African American Chief Justice

Author: Howard E. Covington, Jr.

Reviewer: Will Quick, President, Friends of the Library Board

I originally picked this book up because Justice Frye and I are colleagues in the same law firm and we got a discount on the purchase price and a personal inscription.  However, when I opened it up, I couldn't put it down.  I was fascinated with the struggle this man, who in the office is so quiet and non-assuming, went through to make a better life for himself.  At every step he had to "prove" himself to those who were close-minded and bigoted, but he never backed down.  As a young (30 year old) attorney it was eye opening to read about the experiences that someone I know went through to get his law license, succeed in the practice of law, and ultimately reach the pinnacle of our profession within the state.