All the Truth is Out


Book: All the Truth is Out: The Week Politics Went Tabloid

Author: Matt Bai

Reviewer: Will Cross, Director, Copyright and Digital Scholarship, NCSU Libraries

Growing up in the 1980s, I knew Gary Hart primarily as a Bloom County punchline: that zany politician caught canoodling with a young staffer on a boat called - seriously - "Monkey Business."  After reading 2014’s All the Truth is Out , I’m starting to wonder who the joke was really on.  Written by superstar political correspondent and House of Cards featured cameo Matt Bai, the best book I read in 2014 tells the story of Hart’s disgrace and exile from Democratic politics.  It also tells the story of a watershed moment for political correspondents like Bai who, after years of winking at dalliances from George Washington to JFK, hounded the Democratic frontrunner with sensationalistic coverage and tactics borrowed - at several points quite literally - from the National Enquirer.

I loved Bai’s discussion of the complex circumstances that led to Hart’s downfall, including the rise of cable news powered by satellite relay and fax machines, a desire to emulate journalistic folk heroes Woodward and Bernstein, and Hart himself, whose prickly demeanor and invitation to “follow me around” proved too tempting for, first local and then national, media to ignore.  As a result, Bai writes, “the walls between the public and private lives of candidates, between politics and celebrity, came tumbling down” driving candidates away from candid, substantive discussion for fear that a single misspoken line or Howard Dean-like show of emotion may come to define them.  All the Truth is Out is a tremendously entertaining, fast-paced read for those who want to rediscover a lost star in the Democratic firmament and revisit the week that the media lost its way.