“Data Matters” courses provide a data science boot camp


Whether or not you know it, you are living in the era of Big Data. Complex and large-scale data determines a lot of one’s contemporary experience, from the ads that pop up on your social media feed, to the candidate that emerges in a contested campaign, to the developer that buys the parcel up the road from you.

Data Matters 2017 helps professionals in business, research, and government make sense of the data deluge. The week-long series of one and two-day courses takes place August 7-11 at the James B. Hunt Jr. Library. Expert instructors from across the country teach courses on topics such as information visualization, data curation, data mining and machine learning, programming in R, system dynamic and agent-based modeling, and more.

Our own librarians Alison Blaine (Digital Technologies Development Librarian) and Markus Wust (Digital Research and Scholarship Librarian) are teaching “Collecting, Classifying, and Analyzing Textual Data Using R" at Data Matters. The course covers how to collect, classify, and analyze text-based data from the Internet or other digital resources by using R. They will give an overview of R as a programing language, screen-scraping, interfacing with APIs, and basic natural language processing such as topic models.

Data Matters is a program of the Data Science Initiative at NC State in partnership with the Odum Institute for Research in Social Science at UNC-Chapel Hill and the National Consortium for Data Science (NCDS). The Data Matters series is for faculty, staff, students, researchers and others who wish to increase their skills in data analytics and integrate data science methods into their research designs and skillsets. Scholars, analysts, and researchers from all disciplines and industries are welcome. Both one- and two-day courses will be offered; participants are welcome to register for one, two, or three classes.

Visit the Data Matters site for course and registration information.