Instruction Support for Digital Media

Help your students share their work using popular, engaging, and accessible media, like video, podcasting, photography, and more! Media making is exciting, challenging, instantly gratifying, and makes it possible to propel student work well beyond the walls of the classroom while building students' confidence in storytelling to a wider audience. No matter the discipline, level of expertise, or technical / creative focus, we offer our knowledge and experience to help you integrate media making into your class!

We can:

  • consult with you on your syllabus, course projects and assignments 
  • host a media-making orientation session for your class in virtually
  • provide individual project assistance to students by appointment to help them understand and complete hands-on assignments.
  • provide daily drop-in hours for student Media Making needs (4-8pm, virtual)
  • host final project presentations and galleries

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Types of sessions

Media Making Orientation (Synchronous, Online) 

Meet the Make Media team and get introduced to the incredible amount of technical resources available to the NC State Community to make video, audio, graphics, and more. This 25 minute session is full of information, but is formulated to do one thing especially - make your class understand that the Libraries supports their media making efforts no matter their level of expertise, and offers an incredible amount of personalized help and technology to make their projects both good and fun to make! After the session we send materials directly to your students, giving them a direct connection to us immediately.

Make a Podcast! (Synchronous, Online, with some asynchronous materials)

We make a podcast together using pre-made recordings and tools that your students already have or can easily download. We talk about the ways to make a successful podcast for an assignment, steps to write and produce the script that work well, using pre-recorded sounds, and recording your own voice, amongst other things. This session is extremely flexible, results in a short podcast being made as a class, and can be a prelude to individual meetings during which a complete podcast is recorded and edited with help from the Make Media team, using technology already in students' hands! 

Make a Video! (Synchronous, Online, with some asynchronous materials)

We make a short video together using tools we already own or can easily download. We discuss writing for media, talk about resources to get pre-recorded assets to help make our videos amazing, and produce a short video before the end of the session. This session is extremely flexible and can be tailored to your needs!

Record Great Audio! (Asynchronous, Online)

Share this video with your students in addition to scheduling one of our sessions above! Remember, your *voice* is also an instrument!

Build a Custom Session for your Class/Assignment! (Asynchronous, Online)

Let's work together to make something that works for you and your students! Contact Jason Evans Groth directly to get started.