The Monti

The North Carolina Literary Festival is excited to present The Monti on Friday, April 4th at Kings in downtown Raleigh. For six years, The Monti has been inviting people in the community and from around the country to tell personal stories in front of an audience—all without the use of notes. Since the beginning, The Monti has been selling out shows all over North Carolina by featuring stories that have people laughing hysterically while also bringing poignant and powerful narratives as well. The Monti is a non profit whose mission is to create community through the telling of stories. For more of an idea of what we do, check out The Monti Podcast (click on the link or search on any podcast app).

Tickets for The Monti at Kings can be purchased here:

Performers are Jami Attenberg, Jan Burke, Karen Joy Fowler, R.L. Stine, and Davey Wreden.