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Modern Raleigh Architecture Virtual Exhibit Tour and Panel Discussion 

Tuesday, May 18, 12-1 P.M.

The Technician 100 Panel Discussion

Wednesday, April 21, 12-1 PM

Asian and Asian American History at NC State

Wednesday, March 31, 12-1 PM

Calgary Public Library 

Wednesday, March 10, 12-1 PM

The History of Basketball at NC State 

Monday, March 3, 7-8 PM

When MLK and the KKK met in Raleigh

Tuesday, February 23, 12-1 PM

Martin Luther King Jr Memorial Library 

Wednesday, February 17, 12-1 PM

Virtual Family Holiday Makerpace  
Saturday, December 12, 10-12pm

Student Activism of the 60s and 70s
Tuesday, September 22, 12-1 PM 

Music of the 60s and 70s
Thursday, October 1, 12-1 PM

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