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NCSU Libraries Mobile Scavenger Hunt: Not your typical library orientation

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The NCSU Libraries Mobile Scavenger Hunt is a unique, interactive way to introduce students to the sometimes overwhelming library environment. Students are assembled into teams and given fifteen questions about the Libraries' spaces, services, and collections. In this fast-paced game, they have just 25 minutes to answer as many questions as they can.

Each team uses an iPod Touch from the Libraries' technology lending program to submit text or photographic answers, and staff keep score in real time. At the end of the scavenger hunt, the teams reconvene to learn their scores, see their pictures, and get the answers to lingering questions about the library. The winning team gets a prize!

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By the end of the activity, students haven't just learned about the library; they have interacted with it by exploring its spaces and the website, they have taken photos with a librarian, and have found a book in the stacks. The Mobile Scavenger Hunt presents our library as a place of discovery in a fun, low-stakes, collaborative way and reduces library anxiety by using situated, problem-based learning.

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  • Anne Burke, Undergraduate Instruction and Outreach Librarian
  • (919) 513-7426