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The NCSU Libraries can provide research assistance to your classes, either in D.H. Hill or in your own classroom. We offer a selection of instruction plans to meet your needs:

Introduction to Library Research

Students will learn elementary research skills and how the NCSU Libraries can assist them in their research process.

Instructors may choose up to three of the following instruction components for their sessions.

  • Beginning the research process

    Students will learn why topic selection is part of the research process and what makes a topic researchable. They will also be introduced to sources for topic ideas.

    Suggested materials:
  • Finding books

    Students will learn how to search the NCSU Libraries catalog for books, how to get books at Hill, at Hunt and online, and how to use Tripsaver to request books not owned by the NCSU Libraries.

    Suggested materials:
  • Finding articles with Summon

    Students will learn how to search Summon for articles, how to use limiters to select for source type and date, and how to use Summon's folders to save results.

    Suggested materials:
  • Understanding scholarly sources

    Students will learn about the role of peer review in academic publishing, how to differentiate scholarly research articles from reviews and editorials, and how to evaluate books for scholarly merit.

    Suggested materials:
  • Evaluating resources

    Students will learn criteria by which to evaluate information, both scholarly and non-scholarly.

  • Time for directed or solo research practice

    Students will be given time for guided or independent research practice.

Advanced Research in the Disciplines

Intended for courses in the major, this session will help students explore disciplinary research sources and develop research strategies. A subject specialist librarian will contact you to schedule and plan your session.

D.H. Hill Mobile Scavenger Hunt

The D.H. Hill Mobile Scavenger Hunt is a fun and active way to introduce students to the sometimes overwhelming library. Students will be grouped into teams; each team is given an iPod touch and 25 minutes to navigate the Libraries' physical and virtual spaces in order to answer questions about the resources and services critical to their academic success. By the end of the activity, students should have successfully located a book in the stacks, introduced themselves to a reference librarian, and used the Libraries' website to locate a journal.

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Library Resources for Digital Media Assignments

Librarians will give students an overview of the NCSU Libraries' spaces, resources and services that can support multimedia assignments. Students will learn what audio visual equipment is available through the Technology Lending Program and what equipment and software are in specialized media spaces at D. H. Hill and Hunt Libraries. They will also learn about sources of online media content and how to ethically use and cite found media content. Students will also learn about self-guided software tutorials available through the library, and how to schedule an appointment with trained technology experts if they want in-person help with getting started on their multimedia assignment.

Students should have been given the digital media assignment and tentatively identified their topic.

Note: This session does not include hands-on software training.

iMovie Hands-On Workshop

In this 50 minute hands-on workshop, students will make a short video, learning how to import video files into iMovie, add an audio track, use title slides and transitions, and export the video for sharing.

Librarian Contact Information

  • Anne Burke, Undergraduate Instruction and Outreach Librarian
  • (919) 513-7426