November 2010 Construction

Construction on the Hunt Library, November 2010.

Date Event
2013 April 3 University Dedication of the Hunt Library
2013 January 2 Hunt Library Opening
2012 September  Construction completed
2012 Summer/Fall Loading of books into the bookBot and furniture installation.
2011 Spring/Summer Roof construction completion; building fully enclosed.
2011 Spring Completion of parking deck.
2011 Winter/Spring Mechanical, electrical, plumbing and interior construction begins.
2011 February Curtain wall construction begins.
2010 November Elevated concrete slab pouring begins.
2010 September Library building structural steel work begins.
2010 January Library building foundation construction begins.
2009 October 23 Official Groundbreaking Ceremony.
2009 September 11 Board of Trustees releases design plans.
2009 August Site grading begins.
2009 June NC General Assembly reduces Hunt Library funding by $10,758,814, for a revised total allocation of $115.2 million.
2008 September - 2009 June Schematic design planning.
2008 August 8 Initial programming and predesign report is submitted.
2008 July 16 Additional $12 million provided for the project by the state budget, bringing its total allocation to $126 million.
2008 January - August Program planning and pre-design phase begins. Conducted by representatives of the international design consultancy firm DEGW, focus groups of undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, library staff, University Library Committee members, Building Committee members, and Centennial Campus Master Plan stakeholders share their perspectives and identify needs for the Hunt Library.
2007 July North Carolina General Assembly appropriates $17 million in planning funds for the Hunt Library, with an anticipated project budget of $114 million.