Sponsors & Partners

The James B. Hunt Jr. Library is an innovative hub for applying advanced visualization, interactive computing, and collaboration technologies to cutting-edge research and curricular applications in all disciplines. As a technology incubator for the university, the Hunt Library provides a key competitive advantage for NC State students and faculty by providing access to the latest in state-of-the-art, emerging, and experimental technologies. Support from our corporate technology partners is essential for our ongoing success in this incubator role. The "Powered By" program offers the opportunity for corporate partners to make vital contributions toward sustaining the Hunt Library vision into the future.

"Powered By" Technology Partnership Opportunities

  • Grants or contributions to the Technology Endowment
  • Sponsorship of a technology space
  • Gifts-in-kind of hardware (software may also qualify)
  • Use of beta or pre-market hardware or software
  • Technical training may qualify
  • Silver Partner:
    One-time or limited engagement, $25K
  • Gold Partner:
    One-time or limited engagement, $50K
  • Platinum Partner:
    One-time or ongoing engagement, $100K

"Powered by" partners in the news

Naming Opportunties

Cash gifts are also eligible for Naming Opportunities in the Hunt Library. Several high-technology spaces are available, such as the Teaching and Visualization Lab, the Creativity Studio, and the Game Lab.  See our Naming Opportunities list for more information.

Generous support from our "Powered By" partners is enabling the NCSU Libraries to realize the technology vision for the Hunt Library.

Diamond ($250,000 and up):

Christie logo

Christie is recognized as one of the most innovative visual technology companies in the world. Christie technology drives the display walls and immersive environments throughout the bulding.

Platinum ($100,000 to $249,999):

Dell homepage

Dell hardware provides the high-performance compute, network, and storage muscle necessary to drive the research program in Hunt, and the equipment for dynamic learning spaces throughout the building.

Dell EMC homepage

EMC high-performance storage provides an ultra-fast, high-capacity platform for rendering ultra-high-resolution video and crunching enormous data sets.

VM Ware homepage

VMware delivers the world’s most trusted virtualization and cloud infrastructure solutions. VMware technology extends the Hunt Library into the cloud for anytime, anywhere access to projects and research.

Schneider Electric Logo

Schneider Electric’s APC power, cooling, and rack infrastructure enables the high-density, high- performance technology core of the building to operate at peak performance levels while using a third less energy than traditional server room designs.

Cisco homepage

Cisco video conferencing, streaming, and media technologies extend the facility outwards and transform it into a global hub for research and collaboration.

Gold ($50,000-$99,999):

AMX homepage

AMX hardware and software solutions provide a natural and intuitive interface for interacting with and controlling the powerful systems available to students and faculty in the Hunt Library.

Intel logo

Intel processors move the hundreds of billions of operations per second that drive the data, visualization, and analytics activities that are core to the Hunt research computing program.


NVIDIA graphics processors accelerate the ultra-high-definition graphics, animation, modeling, gaming, design, and media production applications that provide the unique large-scale visual environment in the Hunt Library.

North Carolina Piedmont Consortium Naval ROTC Logo

The US Navy has selected the Hunt Library to host a flagship, cutting-edge implementation of its Mariner Skills Simulator, which sets Midshipmen training inside real-time scenarios with a physical layout that simulates the bridge of any major vessel in the fleet.

Biamp Commercial Audio Systems Logo

Biamp provides the audio processing technology that shapes the sound experience in the building, including the research-grade 3D sound environments in the Teaching and Visualization Lab and the Creativity Studio.

Extron Electronics Logo

Extron switching technology forms the ultra-high-bandwidth fiber optic spine of the building, enabling a powerful any-source- to-any-screen architecture that makes Hunt research spaces adaptable to daily needs and scalable for future growth.

Silver ($25,000-$49,999):

Sennheiser Electronic GmbH & Co. KG Logo

Sennheiser is the acknowledged world leader in multiple auditory technologies. Sennheiser speakers and microphones transform Hunt research and learning spaces into professional audio environments.

Mediatech Logo(broken link)

MediaTech professional AV integration services and custom furniture create unique, technology- rich learning spaces throughout Hunt’s group studies and Commons areas.

For more information about the "Powered By" Technology Partnerships Program, please contact Tina Morrison, Director of Development, NC State University Libraries, (919) 513-7315, camorri2@ncsu.edu.