Hunt Library Technology

Teaching & Visualization LabVisualization and Virtual Environments

Throughout the Hunt Library, visualization is a tool for creating and showcasing new knowledge in all disciplines. Large-scale displays in different sizes, configurations, and capabilities encourage creativity in how we visualize the world with data and digital media. The Library's emphasis on large-scale visualization supports the diverse teaching and research mission of the university while providing a uniquely powerful tool for problem-solving and unlocking the knowledge in data.

Game LabGaming, Interactive Computing, Programming

Gaming is often an important driver in development of human-computer interactive technologies. The Game Lab at the Hunt Library supports this highly multidisciplinary field of research. NC State's Digital Games Research Center is a hub for students and researchers in the colleges of Education, Engineering, Design, Management, and Humanities and Social Sciences. The Game Lab provides faculty, researchers, and students with an experimental commons to explore new gaming environments, methods of interaction, collaborative game design, and the role of gaming in education and training. The cutting-edge gaming environments developed in this lab prepare NC State students for rewarding careers in the game industry within the Research Triangle and beyond.

Prototyping, Engineering, Making, Modeling

Success in today's competitive marketplace demands agility, rapid iteration, and bringing products to market quickly. The Hunt Library facilitates these next-gen design and prototyping processes with its Makerspace, Media Production Studios, and high-technology spaces.

Digital Media, Graphics, Animation, Audio

Digital Media Production Studios and Music Rooms provide a rich variety of state-of-the-art tools.

Conferencing, Capture, Streaming, Broadcast

Videoconferencing and telepresence technology enable real-time collaboration with colleagues around the world.