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Hunt Library Fact SheetHunt Library Fact Sheet (PDF)

The NC State University Libraries has earned an international reputation for an intense and sustained focus on how students learn and how faculty create and share knowledge in an age of digital technology and collaboration. The James B. Hunt Jr. Library builds on all we have learned to create an iconic building that captures the spirit of NC State University’s strengths in science, engineering, technology, and textiles. 

Designed to be a major competitive advantage for the university, the Hunt Library is a signature building that both enables and reflects NC State’s vision as a preeminent technological research university recognized for its innovative education and research addressing the grand challenges of society. Its bold design is a visual statement of its bold purpose: to be a place not of the past but of the future, a place where our students, faculty, and partners can gather to research, learn, experiment, collaborate, and strengthen NC State’s long tradition of leading transformative change. 

A great research library is more than collections, technologies, and comfortable workspaces — a great library inspires. Its architecture and technology create spaces that encourage collaboration, reflection, creativity, and awe. At the core of the vision for the Hunt Library is the ability for our students, faculty, and partners to immerse themselves in interactive computing, multimedia creation, and large-scale visualization tools that are enabling revolutionary ways to see and use information. 

Hunt Library Rain Garden Reading RoomIn bringing together a state-of-the-art research library with the Institute for Emerging Issues, the Hunt Library is an international destination for those who seek to explore how collaborative spaces and innovative applications of technology can inspire the next generation of engineers, designers, scientists, researchers, and humanists.

The Hunt Library, in short, is the proud face of NC State University in the 21st century.

The Hunt Library…

Creates a heart for Centennial Campus

Named the nation’s top research park in 2007, NC State’s Centennial Campus is a nexus of collaboration among students, faculty, researchers, and corporate, governmental, and institutional partners.  In the past 25 years, it has grown into a powerful engine of growth for the state and the nation—and is now the fastest growing part of the NC State campus. The Hunt Library stands as its intellectual and social center. 

Defines the research library of the future

The Hunt Library StoryBy putting great technology in the hands of students and faculty around the clock, the Hunt Library enables and encourages learning, experimentation, and technology-intensive projects, and builds community by showcasing university research and bringing together scholars from many disciplines. 

Narrows the seating gap

The Hunt Library adds much-needed study seating for the university. The NC State University Libraries is significantly over capacity, often with over 10,000 visits in a single day. Before the opening of the Hunt Library, we could seat less than 5% of our students — far short of the University of North Carolina’s standard of providing library study seating for 20% of the student population.

Immerses NC State in technology advantage

The NCSU Libraries has long been a bold technology incubator for NC State, making it easy for students and faculty to immerse themselves in the technologies driving our economy. The Hunt Library builds upon that tradition, giving the university an iconic space filled with technology-enabled furniture, high-definition video walls, 3D computing and visualization space, and videoconferencing and telepresence facilities.  Inspiring a spirit of discovery, the Hunt Library will help to produce the next generations of technology-savvy citizens, employees, researchers, and scholars.

View from space of the OvalInspires great work with bold, adventurous spaces

In the digital age, libraries have become the creative space where students spend enormous amounts of their time—working, creating, studying, and interacting with peers. Faculty members and researchers, as well, need specialized spaces that support their research and teaching and build a sense of scholarly community. These spaces need to be comfortable; they need to make it easy to collaborate; they need to be inspiring. Every corner of the Hunt Library is designed to be memorable and stunning—an environment where people are encouraged embody the aspirations of an outstanding university.

 Plans and Documents

PDF Icon Hunt Library Vision Statement

PDF Icon Library Master Plan, Summary

PDF Icon Library Master Plan

PDF Icon James B. Hunt Jr. Library Programming & Pre-Design, Final Report, Oct. 24, 2008